Tonto Irie


    Started DJ in 1978 on General Disco in August town, he got his first brake in Dec. In 1980 tonto was working oat Black star sound with Danny Dread & Brigadier Jerry and then he moved on to king Jammy’s super power where he exploded as a recording artist releasing several tunes on Jammy’s label. He was the secong deejay to record on the ‘Sleng Teng’ riddim, after Wayne Smith.

    In the late 80’s Tonto Irie migrated from Jamaica to New York to work at Music Master Label where he made several hits. Tonto is still based in NY where he owns his own restaurant, “The Humming Bird Restaurant”.

    After years without releasing any records, veteran MC Tonto Irie returns to the world of vinyl with ‘No Friend Fi Dem’. Under the name of Tonto Ranking, he partnered with Danny Dread in the 80’s and the two of them spearheaded the rise of the Black Star Soundsystem. Tonto Irie would later help King Jammy’s set reach new heights by working with all of Jammy’s Posse including Wayne Smith, John Wayne, Chacka Demus, Half Pint, Admiral Bailey, Tullo Tand and many more.

    We became instant fans of Naram and Art the first time we heard their music. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of having them on Subactive’s “Taking Over EP” with a killer remix and now we’re finally releasing a record with them. ‘Ripper Riddim’ is inspired by the obscure digital reggae music of the 80’s, where fat, dirty basslines and heavy skanks are the main dish of the day.

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