Supah Frans – Digital Obsession Mixtape


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    From the research and development lab at Jump & Prance Studio (Madrid/Spain) and in collaboration with Cubiculo Records (Portugal / UK) we present a new medicine to cure boredom and stress, Rub-a-dub Ting! Vol7 – Digital Obsession.

    After dozens of hours of reasarch by Supah Frans at his facilities comes this new project for free download on Cubiculo Records.

    Enter our web and try this new sound free one-hour drug recorded, mixed and and mastered in Jump & Prance Studio.


    Cashima Steele, Jah Screechy Solo Banton, YT, El Fata, Parly B, Dreadsquad, Speng Bond, Riddim Tuffa, Ponchita Peligros, Lasai, Yeyo Pérez, George Palmer, Subactive, CrudoBilbao, Bassculture, Capra Dread, Marina P…


    ♕ Playing this mixtape can have side effects such as increased heartbeat, sound hallucinations and excitement.

    ♕ Once you press play you may have already started your Digital Obsession.

    Thanks to Jah Screechy, Cashima Steele, Blackout JA, Parly B, Lasai, Ponchita Peligros y Capra Dread for the jingles. Thanks to Peter Turanga for the wicked dub siren samples, to all the producers and labels for sharing their music and special mention to my bredrin from Vigo Chek Selecta for the design. One family!

    ♕ Cat. Number: CRMT013
    ♕ Release Date: September 2015
    ♕ Format: FREE DOWNLOAD
    ♕ Artwork: Chek Selectah


    1. Intro Rub-a-dub Ting! #7 – Jah Screechy / Lasai / Capra Dread
    2. Many miles – Capra Dread (Subactive)
    3. They can’t catch we – Marina P (Subactive)
    4. Pepper Dem – Speng Bond (Subactive)
    5. Parly B Jingle
    6. Hot like pepper – Parly B (Subactive)
    7. Babylon Time – Solo Banton & Donovan Kingjay (Damalistik)
    8. Leave I alone – YT (Damalistik)
    9. Ghetto Youth ina danger – Deadly Hunta (Damalistik)
    10. Rock and come in – Ponchita Peligros (Stalawa Sound)
    11. Musical Iration – Ponchita Peligros (Riddim Tuffa)
    12. Musical Attack – Ponchita Peligros & Lasai (Riddim Tuffa)
    13. Radical Music – I Roy (Riddim Tuffa)
    14. Champion Sound – El Fata (Riddim Tuffa)
    15. Leggo Beast – Parly B (Riddim Tuffa)
    16. Unity – Shanti D (Riddim Tuffa)
    17. Love we a deal – Jah Screechy (Jahtari)
    18. Jah Screechy Jingle
    19. Think me did gone – Jah Screechy (Strictly Soundz / Cubículo Records)
    20. Sweet Reggae music dubplate – Gerorge Palmer (Strictly Soundz / Cubículo Records)
    21. Music A go heal – Yeyo Pérez (Bassculture)
    22. Inna Rub-a-dub Style – George Palmer (Bassculture)
    23. Lasai Jingle
    24. Digitally Sick Medley Dubplate – Lasai (Raggattack / Makka Dubba)
    25. Keep on moving – Ras Apawa (Dreadrive)
    26. Melancholia Dub – Art-x (Manu Digital)
    27. Boom Sound – Kojo Neatness (Dreadsquad)
    28. Cashima Steele Jingle
    29. Big fat cat – Cashima Steele (Reality Shock Records)
    30. Big fat cat dub – Kris Chemist (Reality Shock Records)
    31. Murderation – Yeyo Pérez and Bassdefender (CrudoBilbao)
    32. Murderation Dubplate – Antxon Sagardui (CrudoBilbao)