Casio Love feat. Bionic Singer – Hear Mi Name Call EP


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    ► Track Listing:

    A1 Bionic Singer a.k.a. O. Maddo – Hear Me Name Call
    A2. Casio Love – Smuggel Riddim
    B. Casio Love feat. Bionic Singer (Extended Dub)

    ♕ Label: Cubiculo Records
    ♕ Cat. Number: CR12008
    ♕ Release Date: November 2016
    ♕ Format: 12″ Vinyl
    ♕ Mastering: Shane The Cutter @ Finyl Tweak
    ♕ © and ℗ Cubiculo Records 2016
    ♕ Artwork:

    A Tribute to Osbert Maddo a.k.a Bionic Singer a.k.a. O. Maddo

    Osbert Maddo (a.k.a Maddo, the Bionic Singer, Papa Maddo was brought up in Easter Kingston. He went to the legendary Alpha Boys Primary School and then to Excelsior high school. As a youth, he and his brother UU Maddo used to listen to Sound Systems such as Sir Stanford, Sir Norman Arrows and Phase 1. The sound Sir Stanford with who he used to sing initally transformed to Stylistics (Maddo’s favourite singing group at the time) and a man called Danhai became the owner and DJ.

    One evening, in ’77, his friends Michael and Scarley decided that they should stop by the sound Stereophonic to meet their friend Donovan who was working with the sound. While there Maddos friend Scarley dared the deejay Welton Irie to give Maddo the microphone. The singer then sung a few songs (such as Skylarking by Horace Andy – Maddo’s favourite singer and also the one he based his singing style on). He was then asked to perform the following weekend and he was soon a resident singer on the sound.

    In 1983 Maddo relocated to the USA.

    Cubiculo Records got in touch with Maddo on the Summer of 2015 to voice a “Smuggel Riddim” by Casio Love, Maddo instantly fell in love with it and agree to work with Cubiculo and Casio Love to make his comeback tune as he didn’t have any music released for years. After sending us the vocal Maddo was asking for the final mix every day and week as he was feeling the tune a lot and he wanted to start pushing it on the US, on the day we sent him the final mix we got the most unexepted and sad reply we could possibly be waiting for, Osbert had pass away the day before we finished the mix.

    This is so far the most special release Cubiculo has done, it’s more than a release, it’s a tribute to this great singer and we are very proud to be releasing his ever last recording. Part of profits will go to his son and wife that have been supporting this release since we started to work with Maddo until today.

    RIPower King Maddo, your music and legacy will never be forgotten.

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