1. Samsara 2015 (Liberation MIx) Vibronics 3:49
  2. Samsara 2015 (Six Realms Dub) Vibronics 3:43
  3. Samsara (Original) Vibronics 3:46
  4. Brain Damage Remix Brain Damage 4:34
  5. Samsara 2015 (Sentient Dub) Vibronics 3:36

The Story

We are delighted to announce our new release with two big names from the international Dub scene, Vibronics and Brain Damage.

Many of you might already know the track “Samsara” from Vibronics album “Dub Italizer” released 15 years ago, now we present you 3 new cuts and a remix from the mighty Brain Damage.

Pure Stepper vibes full of fat bass lines are the main ingredient of this release, the artwork is based on the original “Wheel of Samsara” which is a Buddhist term that literally means “continuous movement”, Samsara is defined as the continual repetitive cycle of birth and death that arises from ordinary beings’ grasping and fixating on a self and experiences. Once again done by our dear friend Gil Nunes (www.gilnunes.com) who has been with us since day one.

This release is limited to 500 copies, hand-stamped sleeve and 180g heavyweight vinyl.

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Vibronics – Samsara EP

Artist : Vibronics
Genre : Steppers
Catalog ref. : CR12004
Format : Vinyl