Ponchita Peligros


Ponchita peligros is a spanish rub a dub DJ/MC that has turned to one of the biggest references of her country. Her style is characterized by her sweet voice and her fun and creative DJ style that brings us back to the 80s, with a modern digital and personal touch that make her a unique artist.

Ponchita started her musical career as a saxophonist playing with different ska and reggae bands from the late 90s until 2005 when she got into a studio to record her own album as a saxophonist and singjay. That first solo album got released in 2008 on CD under the name Echomotion – Love inna Dance. By that time she had already started performing live on soundsystem with Supah Frans and she had changed the band format for the live soundsystem culture.

After doing some collaborations with OBF and Dani Ites, Ponchita started working for Riddim Tuffa and Stalawa, whose productions attracted the international dub scene attention for this upcoming talent. In 2013 Riddim Tuffa featured her in combination with Parly B on “Come ina This” which was her first big step into the international dub scene, after which she continued working with Riddim Tuffa producing two other tunes called “Musical Iration” and “Musical Attack”, that the audience received with opened arms.

The main Ponchita’s achievement arrived in the spring of 2014 with her first 7” vinyl release on a Stalawa production “Rock and Come In” that got released on the famous label Scotch Bonnet Records. After a complete sellout of their first single, in winter 2014 Stalawa and Ponchita released their second 7” vinyl by the name of “Different Style” on Stalawa’s new label Foreign Mind, that’s available at Scotch Bonnet.net.

Ponchita starts 2015 full of strengh releasing her first EP on Cubículo Records alongside the upcoming producer from the UK, Interrupt. International Affair EP is right now available on free download at Cubículo Records.

For 2015 some other collaborations of Ponchita with Dub Smugglers, Creation Culture Hi-Fi and B-No also plan to come out. Appart from performing in Spain this year she will perform live in february in Rennes alongside Creation Culture and in april in the UK at the United Nations of Dub alongside Stalawa at the Mungo’s Hi-Fi arena.

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