Naram and Art


Straight outta the rugged mountainous islands of New Zealand, Naram and Art are a couple of lads who share an unlikely passion for the sounds of rusty synthesizers and scratchy old drum machines.

In a land where the sounds of BBQ dub tends to rule the airwaves, Naram and Art opted to start promoting an alternative option in the form of 80s digital dancehall.
Unfortunately though their sound was deemed too radical for the general kiwi public, so they were forced to flee to Coburgistan, to refine their techniques and craft their riddims in hiding. Since that move, they’ve developed an arsenal of sonic weaponry – both individually and as a team.

Utilising a plethora of vintage tools and working with a variety of veteran artistes from the more obscure corners of the genre, they’ve worked develop a sound that’s steeped in classic dancehall technique while also containing a few of their own idiosyncratic twists.

While Naram has released quite a bit of his solo stuff on Jahtari and the mysterious Colonel Mustard imprint, up until now very little of Naram and Art’s collaborative work has seen the light of day, so watch this space.

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