Dub Unit


“The essence of the Dub Unit rewinds itself to the late 90’s when it was seeded by a very young man who used to be the official music provider to his lads. From mixtapes to scratchy video tapes, he developed a unique passion and taste for music. Originally from Monte Estoril, a seaside parish near Cascais – Portugal, the easy going life easily led to the groove of Reggae vibes and specially Dub music. Having the need to share music, creating great vibes quickly became one of his main activities.

Created in 2009, Dub Unit comes simply from a music lover, straight from his tiny garden studio. Listening to reggae music since the late 90’s Dub Unit is mainly influenced by the Rocksteady, Dj´s, Roots, Ska, Dub scenes and by artists such as Scotty, King Tubby, Bullwackies, Dr.Alimantado, Prince Buster, Jimmy London, John Holt, The Skatakites and many more artists from these era. The Reggae “taste” came from Dub Unit’s first musical influences, Punk & Ska. But who truly “gave” him reggae was Sublime, with those great combinations of Ska, Dub, Punk, Reggae all mixed up!

And so the seed was planted. Meanwhile the “taste” for dub music was continuously growing and starting to gain his place often and often.

How? Well, like a surfer searches for the perfect wave, he wanted to search for the perfect tune and it’s the vibe is a reflex of this quest,

Meanwhile playing in some events of the Lisbon Roots – Dub scene, the seed enjoyed the sea breeze and so it grew.

In 2011, Dub Unit reached London and soon started his production journey.

Being inspired by the sounds of 8 Bit music, so called chip tune, blended with Laptop/ Digital Reggae and influenced by retro computer games such as Nintendo’s Super Mario, the Portuguese producer Dub Unit started to enter this realm, creating his first riddim based on an old-school tune from Horace Ferguson called “Sensi Addict” and U-Roy’s “Music Addict”, merged with the 8 Bit feeling inspired by his appreciation for producers such as Prince Jammy,  Jahtari, Maffi, and labels like Jammy’s, Harmodio, Unity Sounds, among others.

The release of this first EP – Ganjaman EP with the “Super Mariojuana Riddim” – led to the creation and launch of his own newborn label, based in London/Lisbon, CUBICULO RECORDS.

What the Dub Unit reaches so smoothly and simply, yet grooving and mind blowing, is the conversion all of this influences under the verge of Bass. “

By Gonçalo Antunes & João Jerónimo

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