Digid was always interested in music from a young age. He started playing the guitar at 8 years old. Heavy guitar music dominated his young life until he discovered drum & bass in high school. In college he got infected by the dubstep virus and this had a big influence on his own music style. Like a lot of people he was messing around with music production. His productions got noticed and signed b…y record labels like New World Audio, Warriorz Records, Mindstep Music,… Lately he’s not sticking to one genre anymore, inspired by Jamaican music, he’s producing Dub/Reggae, Digital Dub, Future Bass,… Music with the roots of bass music is the key element. You can expect a versatile mixture of productions nowadays to keep making fresh and exciting music.

Cubículo Records has embraced Digid in its artist roster, with a 12″ Vinyl entitled “Crucial Stepper EP” which will is out June 2014.


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